The Continuing Medical Education (CME) program on quality TB diagnosis and management was conducted for the final year students of Postgraduate and MBBS, along with the concerned department head, professors, assistant professors, TB focal person, and laboratory staff of Medical Colleges (i.e., Nepal Medical College, Kathmandu medical College, College of Medical Sciences and Chitwan Medical College). The primary objective of the CME program was to provide comprehensive insights into the epidemiology, diagnosis, and management of tuberculosis, with a focus on improving the quality of TB care and reducing the burden of the disease in Nepal. The CME program provided an invaluable opportunity for final year Postgraduate and MBBS students, along with faculty members and laboratory staff, to enhance their understanding and skills in TB care. By equipping participants with updated knowledge and best practices, the program aimed to strengthen the capacity of healthcare professionals in providing high-quality TB services and contributing to the control of tuberculosis in Nepal.