On 12-14, September 2023, National Tuberculosis Control Center has successfully conducted a 3-day training on Drug-Resistant (DR) Tuberculosis Treatment Management including newer all oral, shorter, and safer regimens in collaboration with WHO.  The purpose of the training was to equip the clinicians with necessary and adequate skills and knowledge on DR TB treatment management in the context of transitioning to all oral and shorter DR TB treatment. The participants of the training were medical doctors working in all 23 DR TB treatment centers of the country. The lead trainer was Dr. Francesca Miranda Conradie, a leading researcher in TB treatment from South Africa who is accompanied by national clinical experts; Dr. Bhawana Shrestha, Dr. Pramod Bhattarai, Dr. Raju Pangeni and Dr. Jagat Jeevan Ghimire. The participants reflected the training as fruitful with in-depth discussion during the training