It is our pleasure to provide information about Nepal National Tuberculosis Programme through this website. Tuberculosis is still considered to be one of the major public health problems of Nepal and it is estimated that 44,000 new infections occurs annually and accounts for 5000-7000 life lost.  Nearly, 10,000 TB cases are still not diagnosed and treated, or are diagnosed but not reported to National TB programme.

It is evident that Nepal has managed to halt previously increasing trend of TB cases and observing a declining trend; but it is now very important to identify all TB cases early, treat with appropriate regimen and cure them all. Special attention is now needed for vulnerable populations which include children and women, people living with HIV, people with diabetes, refugees, prisoners and other population whose access to basic health care services may be limited.

NTP through its strategic plan for 2016-21 have committed to END TB by 2035. NSP have focused on increasing case notifications of both drugs sensitive and resistant cases, maintain good treatment success rate of 90% for drugs susceptible cases and 75% of MDR TB cases, engage public and private providers, strengthen community system and develop comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system.

As, we are moving towards ending TB, I urge for united approach among government, partners, NGOs, private sectors and other stakeholders to “Unite to END TB”.