छुटेका सबै क्षयरोगका बिरामीलाई खोजौ, उपचार गरी निको पारौ ।

NTP Partners

Following is a brief on partners and their valuable contributions for successful implementation of the NTP.
Britain Nepal Medical Trust (BNMT) is providing crucial support to NTC through TB prevention and control services in the Eastern Region. BNMT is also one of the Sub Recipient of NTP Global Fund grants. Quality assurance for TB sputum microscopy, expansion of Directly Observed Treatment Short-course (DOTS) services, capacity building of basic health service staff, public-private partnership and monitoring and supervision are some of the key areas which are supported by BNMT in 16 districts of the Eastern Development Region. For Details Visit : http://www.britainnepalmedicaltrust.org.uk
Stop TB Partnership: NTP is member of and has close working relationship with The Stop TB Partnership which is housed in WHO Geneva. The Partnership has provided valuable technical assistance to NTP in areas of advocacy, communication, social mobilization, human resource development and drug management.
For Detail: http://www.stoptb.org/stop_tb_initiative
International Nepal Fellowship’s TLP (Tuberculosis Leprosy Programme) INF is a key partner of the NTP in the Mid Western Region. INF Nepalgunj TB Referral Centre is a specialized central for diagnosis and treatment and management of complicated TB cases including TB HIV co-infected individuals. This clinic also provides MDR TB management services. INF is involved in awareness activities in the Western Region. INF provided valuable technical support to NTP in writing grant proposal for R7 and NSA and is Sub Recipient of the NTP GF grants. INF has seconded a full time TB expert to NTC to lead theProgramme Management Unit.
For Details: http://www.inf.org
Norwegian Association of Heart and Lung Patients (LHL) has been a long standing funding and technical partner of the NTP. LHL is also funding training, supervision, monitoring & evaluation, quality control and research activities of NTP since 1995. LHL has committed to continue supporting NTP for another five year period with particular focus on patient empowerment in addition to several other areas important for optimal progress of NTP. (http://www.lhl.no/tb)
Health Research and Social Development Forum (HERD) is providing support to NTP for enhancing public-private partnership, TB HIV collaboration, and Health System Strengthening and community mobilization. HERD is delivering basic health services targeted towards poorest of the poor (including migrants, factory workers and slum dwellers) through a “Manohara Community Health Centre” in Lokanthali, Bhaktapur. HERD is also one of the sub-recipients for NTP GFATM R7 grant. HERD is actively involved in several research areas. HERD has been instrumental in endorsement of ISTC by Nepal Medical Association and other key partners.
World Health Organization (WHO) is a key technical partner of Nepal NTP. It provides technical support through placement of full a time international TB expert at the NTC. NTP receives assistance for policy, strategy and guidelines development, human resource development, procurement of first and second line TB drugs, research including surveillance of multi-drug resistance and HIV-TB co-infection and monitoring and evaluation. WHO is also providing assistance to NTP for financial and technical resource mobilization. (http://www.who.int/tb/en/index.html)
SAARC TB and HIV/AIDS Centre (STAC) provides support for prevention and control of TB and HIV/AIDS. Key areas of assistance includes; human resource development throughtraining, workshops, and seminars. STAC also providescrucial platform for research on various epidemiologicaland operational aspects of TB. STAC support for programme review and evaluation is commendable. Technical support from STAC has been instrumental for implementation of various components of DOTS and Stop TB Strategy.
German Nepal Tuberculosis Project (GENETUP) provides services of National Reference Laboratory to the NTP. It has a well equipped and highly reliable laboratory with facilities of AFB culture and drug sensitivity testing. GENTUP alsoruns an outdoor DOTS and MDR clinic. GENETUP is actively participating in researches and surveillance activities of national and international levels with close co-operation of NTP.
Japan-Nepal Health and Tuberculosis Research Association (JANTRA) is working in Kathmandu urban to strengthen urban TB control programme by mobilizing volunteers actively. In addition JANTRA is also supporting NTP by organizing LQAS training for Quality Control Assessors.
Nepal Anti TB Association/German Nepal TB Project (NATA/GENETUP): NATA has a long standing history of collaboration with NTP, it is actively involved in advocacy, awareness raising and provision of preventive and curative services in 30 districts. NATA provides valuable support to NTP for implementation of MDR TB programme and operates Kalimati Chest Hospital for management of complicated TB cases requiring hospitalization and indoor services for MDR TB cases. (http://www.antitb.org.np)
Netherlands Leprosy Relief (NLR) is an important partner of the NTP in the Far Western Region. Laboratory quality control, support for training and supervision, assistance for conduction of trimesterly monitoring, evaluation and planning meeting and awareness raising are some of the key areas of NLR support. NLR also assists NTP with preparation and distribution of laboratory reagents and other laboratory supplies within the Region.
Naya Goreto (NG) is one of the newly appointed partner of the NTP and has been providing support to NTP for enhancing the services in the TB/HIV collaboration activities and Advocacy Communication and Social Mobilization (ACSM) activities. NG is creating awareness int he several parts of the country (four districts namely Kathmandu, Rupandehi, Chitwan and Kaski) on the issues of TB, HIV and TB/HIV collaboration. (http://www.nayagoreto.org.np)
Friends Affected & Infected Together in Hand (FAITH) in partnership with NTP is implementing and strengthening TB-HIV programme in Far-west region. FAITH is conducting capacity building trainings, orientations, community awareness, advocacy programme and vocational trainings. (http://www.faith.org.np)