छुटेका सबै क्षयरोगका बिरामीलाई खोजौ, उपचार गरी निको पारौ ।

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It is our pleasure to provide information about Nepal National Tuberculosis Programme through this website.Tuberculosis is considered to be one of the major health problems but it is completely curable, if the patient takes the recommended dose of medicines for a stipulated period of time on regular basis.TB patients who do not take medicines including appropriate cocktail of anti TB drugs for required length of time on regular basis remain not cured and usually develop drug resistant tuberculosis. This situation lead to the development of DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment, Short Course) strategy, which is the most effective policy for ensuring that TB patients are cured, TB is controlled. This strategy is also one of the most cost effective health interventions available.However, even with successful DOTS programme in place it inevitable that some patients will have MDR (Multi Drug Resistance) TB. This fact lead to the concept of DOTS PLUS for the treatment of MDR TB patients. Nepal has adopted DOTS PLUS Pilot project in September 2005 in five regions of the country and it includes 5 treatment center and 16 Sub Center and till 2012 it expanded into 12 treatment centers and 64 sub centers. I am confident that our website will help the Internet users to obtain comprehensive understanding about TB situation in Nepal. Further I believe that this website will provide platform for discussion and sharing knowledge and views for interested parties and opportunity for potentials partners to extend their helping hands in our efforts in fight against Tuberculosis.