Tuberculosis Related Updates on Impact of Earthquake.

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Tuberculosis Related Updates
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It is our pleasure to provide information about Nepal National Tuberculosis Programme through this website.Tuberculosis is considered to be one of ...

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TB Free Nepal


To reduce the mortality, morbidity, and transmission of Tuberculosis till is is no longer a public health problem in Nepal.


  • achieve 85% treatment success rate and 70% case detection ratio in new smear positive pulmonary TB cases.
  • achieve universal access to High Quality diagnosis and treatment.

Welcome to NTC

Tuberculosis Control Programme was launched by Government of Nepal almost six decades ago. In 1937 'Tokha Sanatorium' situated on the north of Kathmandu city was established. The Central Chest Clinic (CCC) came into existence in 1951 with the facility of diagnosis and treatment services for the TB patients on domiciliary basis. Similarly, in 1965, TB Control Programme was systematically organized with tripartite agreement between Government of Nepal, WHO and UNICEF. Since then TB Control Programme started on a nation wide basis offering preventive measures such as BCG vaccination, case-findings and distribution of drugs. Later Central Chest Clinic and TB Control Programme were amalgamated into one centre as National Tuberculosis Centre. As a result the National Tuberculosis Centre in Thimi, Bhaktapur at the central level and Regional Tuberculosis Centre (RTC) at the regional level in Pokhara were established in 1989 with the cooperation of Japan International Cooperation Agency.

TB Burden in Nepal

45% of total population are infected with TB 40,000 people get TB every year 20,000 new sputum positive cases every year 5000-7000 people die each year from TB.